Hello world – or at least whoever might be interested!

Well setting up my blog on WordPress wasn’t quite as easy as I hoped it would be! I’m not certain I even considered whether setting up this blog would be difficult but, as usual, I’ve totally immersed myself in my customary active learner mode, underpinned by the theory that: if it doesn’t work this time, I can always edit or delete!

So, here is my first entry for my SBOSE module individual project Blog. Tonight saw my second online discussion with the Unit 2 seminar working group. What a great group of colleagues they are too. Being Unit 2 seminar leaders definitely has the additional pressure of some very tight deadlines, however, as Unit 2 was my first choice I shouldn’t complain. We held our first successful online collaboration meeting last Friday and are already starting to build up great working relationships and practices.

Today I confess I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of designing something to truly engage and lead our fellow online learners in around the subject ‘Supporting the online learner’ in such a short time. The working group though are very supportive, motivated, creative and focused (perhaps deadline-distress is taking a small hand in this!) and by the end of the meeting, we had a recording of our discussions, additional information from our group tutor Anne (plus a few other points she is going to clarify for us) and individual actions to begin working towards for our next meeting on Friday.

I also intend working hard over tomorrow and Thursday to catch up with Unit 1 reading and participation in the seminar discussions.

I am beginning to form some ideas around how I will use this blog to support the increased quality of my academic writing, and improve my effectiveness in Reflective & Theorist learning styles. I hope to have these ideas formulated and explained more explicitly in my next blog (a goal to work towards) so I make no apologies in the meantime that this first blog does nothing more than allow me to experiment with WordPress and just get started.

I’m really looking forward to this module now that it’s underway: to sharing ideas and getting immersed in the world of the online learner again. I find myself asking questions about my Blog such as “how long?”, “how often?”, “what’s going to be in it?”, “will anyone find it in the least interesting?”  Most of the answer to these question, I will have control over but for now it’s just been about filling the empty Blog space – using Anne’s suggestion of ‘Free Writing’ (Peter Elbow) to simply get started.

In the words of Mary Poppins: “Well begun is half-done” and I’ve done the ‘begun’ with my Blog this evening.

My final observation is regarding the ‘clunkiness’ of the typing tool on this site – it’s incredibly slow! or is it just because I touch type?  Either way I’m finding it terribly frustrating but will persevere for now and hope that it might even be something to do with the ‘draft’ function I’m currently using.

It’s now 10 o’clock and the time has passed quickly since I started studying this evening so I think I’d better get to bed. It seems like my evenings are beginning to be ever so full of online study again, and of course now Blogging! So in the slightly adjusted words of one of my favourite songs by The Jam: Town Called Malice: “Better stop dreaming of the quiet (Blog free) life”!


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