Between The BLOG 1

I’ve decided to try interspersing what I’d refer to as ‘Main Blogs’ (describing key learning and progress) with shorter ‘Between The Blog’ posts (describing life as a student learner and other simpler matters). Here is my BTB 1:

It’s Sunday 1st February in the early evening and I’ve had a busy few days both on and off study.  I’ll confess that even when I’m ‘off study’ my mind still wanders back to it.  Unit 2 seminar team is working hard to produce our student-led seminar which commences in week 5, and much of my personal activity has involved design for this, as well as ‘listening’ and contributing a little to Unit 1 discussions 😀

On Friday we held our third online group meeting to discuss progress so far and we all agreed Sally’s introductory video is a fantastic and lively start to the seminar. Sam’s mini IT master-class which developed out of the meeting was extremely helpful and I’ve already used some of my learning from that to improve my contribution and increase my confidence in Moodle design.

I was already quite proud of the content I’d designed because frankly I’ve never actually created a live Moodle module – just planned the content.  So as described in the article Anne T introduced us to this week from The Chronicle of Higher Education I have enjoyed fumbling around and exploring exactly what Moodle (and myself) are capable of.

Also as a result of Sam’s generous sharing of her IT expertise and my brave exploration of how I could use that, I now have some new ideas, and confidence, for online interventions for one of my schools.

I’ll keep you posted on how this goes – possibly in another BTB post.


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