I know I said I’d reveal more about my learning from co-leading the unit 2 seminar – and I will – but I just want to share an update from today, even although it’s not solely linked to the seminar.

I’ve been considering how to use the subject of my Individual Project from the Introduction to Blended & Online Education (IBOE) and recently found a clear focus for adoption of the idea into a joint initiative between Confident Futures and Careers colleagues. Today my IT colleague and I released what we’re calling a Mini-Moodle-Module (MMM) based on the idea I developed ready for implementation.

Here is a screenshot of the MMM which shows how we’ve developed a short module providing pre-work for a Careers workshop on creating successful Graduate applications. It includes 2 choices of video, a pre-work document and some optional support documents..

Mini-Moodle-ModuleThis new online pre-work replaces the need for utilising 1/2 the workshop to explain and work experientially on the Knowing Yourself & Others theory, and provides a convenient platform to guide students through preparing to secure their 1st graduate level job.  Feedback had previously revealed students wanted more time spent in the workshop learning about, and practising, applications and less time uncovering strengths.  So this new online intervention addresses this request and cuts down the face-to-face time required.

The production of this online MMM links directly to my learning and self-exploration of Moodle design. If it hadn’t been for the experience of co-designing the seminar, I would most definitely not have been in a position to devise and develop this Moodle platform for self-directed pre-work.  I still had to leave the filming and editing of the videos to my IT expert, however I devised the slides and scripted and recorded the narrative as a direct result of my IBOE project.

I feel very proud of the fact that I’ve actually implemented my original idea and proving the impact of one BOE module outcome on the next BOE module.

Thanks for listening 😀


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