What makes a great teacher?

A TV advert has really captured my attention recently and I’m going to share the words from it and reflect even further on what is going to make my online teaching great, and what impact I’ll have…

What do you think a good teacher make these days?
They make students curious, question and criticise.
They make that moment when it just ‘clicks’.
They make young people achieve more than they ever believe they can achieve.
They make the frightened confident, the uninterested ambitious and the gifted brilliant.
They make CEOs, scientists, nurses, engineers and much more

from Get into teaching
Department for Education

This list supports my belief that what makes a great teacher has the same foundations for what makes a great online teacher. In my role within Support Services I strive to adhere to these ‘greatness’ teaching techniques in my face to face practice but as I engage students ever more through online provision I must keep these practices even more prevalent in my work:

  • encouraging curiosity
  • making time for outcomes based collaboration
  • helping increase personal confidence and self-belief, including digital literacies
  • engaging learners to be the best they can be by providing ‘light bulb’ moments through new knowledge application
  • building employability strengths to aid the step into graduate careers

Department for Education TV advert – no link (last seen 25/3/15)


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