Testing Testing 123

I’m writing this blog on my home PC (my other half’s usual domain 😉 ) as I am having problems with the settings on my laptop.  I can only see a tiny version of the screen and the ‘white space’ is playing up by only allowing me to see the first 2 or 3 lines of my post – then it’s writing ‘blind’ – technology eh?

So this post is simply a test to see how far I can get with my posting and to ensure that I’ve not lost some accessing rights 🙂 – so far it’s looking good. Although the keyboard the tiniest one in the world and I keep pressing the wrong keys – argh!!

A timely reminder that if an online user doesn’t always have access to the same hardware, there may be challenges for screen layout, user and password memory, somewhere suitable to go online, sound, running videos etc…

Some others things to take into consideration when designing BOE.

So – it appears that by accessing my Blog on a different PC, I’ve recovered my ability to post – phew!

Test over but before I go, I discovered these 6 simple solutions to get rid of bogging stress 🙂 and since one of them was #4 Read Funny Blogs, I found a video on the post modern skateboard which looks fun, after you’ve mastered NOT doing the splits.  Back to SBOE blogging now….

Postmodern Skateboard

Shoutmeloud: 6 simple solutions to get rid of blogging stress http://www.shoutmeloud.com/pro-blogging-6-tips-to-relieve-yourself-from-blogging-stress.html (last accessed 29/3/15)

Break Article: post modern skateboard http://www.break.com/article/post-modern-skateboard-independent-wheels-2836957https://youtu.be/00EKbhCASjc?t=21 (last accessed 29/3/15)


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